Welcome to Girum Hospital

Girum Hospital Background
Girum Hospital is a private health facility established in 2007 G.C.  by an American medical board certified physician Dr Girum Berhane and his family with the main objective of introducing the ART & SCIENCE OF MEDICINE to Ethiopia by instituting an efficient hospital management system, a variety of medical specialties, investing on latest medical devices that enables to offer advanced quality healthcare services in nation to hold the patient referral abroad  and hence to create a medical tourism center in Ethiopia in the short run.

Our Motto

“Where You Came First!!”

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values


To provide excellence and innovation in the care of patients.


In all that the hospital does, it works to benefit human health and improve the quality of life. The hospital aspires to be a highly effective organization which is committed to provide exceptional service to our patients; a community of caring people committed to the neighbored(?) to the professional development of the staff; and providing the best complete clinical care in Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

Core Values: – (RISE)

Respect     To recognize the dignity of every person.

Integrity   To be honest, fair and trustworthy.

Stewardship To manage resources responsibly.

Excellence  To work to the highest level of with a commitment to continuous improvement.